Welcome To The Big Brothers Big Sisters of Regina & Area F.A.Q Section

Below are some frequently asked questions regarding mentoring and volunteering with us. If you have any further questions or concerns please contact us so we can resolve them promptly.


What Is Mentoring All About?

First and foremost, mentoring is about being a friend to a child or youth.

How Do Mentors Make A Difference In The Lives Of Children And Youth?

Mentors make a difference in so many different ways! See our testimonials from various Little’s and their parents.

How Old Do You Have To Be To Be A Mentor?

You have to be 18 years or older to become a Mentor in our programs.

Volunteering With Big Brothers Big Sisters

What Kinds Of Activities Do Mentors And Mentees Do Together?

We encourage Mentors and Mentees to choose activities they both enjoy. Caseworkers do their best to match mentors with a child, who has interests similar to theirs. We regularly organize group activities for matches and are sometimes given tickets to movies, sporting events, and cultural events which we offer to our matches.

Does Big Brothers Big Sisters of Regina & Area Only Offer One-To-One Mentoring Or Are There Different Types Of Opportunities Available?

We offer a wide variety of mentoring opportunities. View our program section to see what our agency provides.

Does Mentoring Cost A Lot Of Money?

It does not have to. We encourage no-cost and low-cost activities, and it is not the sole responsibility of the mentor to pay for the child or youth.

What Can I Do If I Need Support With An Issue In My Match?

You will be assigned a caseworker, a trained professional who is there to support you in your match. You will be required to have regular contact with your caseworker, and we also encourage you to contact your Caseworker at any time to discuss how the match is going, what activities you are enjoying together, and any issues that you may be having.

Are Mentors Expected To Help Out With The Child Or Youth’s Personal Activities, Such As Bringing Them To Appointments, Helping Them With Homework, Etc?

No. Mentors may decide to help out with these types of activities now and then, but this is not a requirement. An exception would be mentoring programs that focus on assisting the mentee with their homework and studies.

Becoming A Volunteer

How Do I Get Started Toward Becoming A Mentor?

Check out the application page for an overview of whats involved.

Do You Accept Everyone Who Applies To Be A Volunteer?

No. As prospective mentors go through the application and assessment process, the agency may determine that a mentoring role is not right for them. Prospective mentors themselves may also decide the time is not right to take on this role.

What Steps Do We Take To Ensure That Inappropriate People Are Not Accepted As Volunteers?

Several steps are taken. For example, all prospective volunteers must provide a satisfactory criminal record check and three or four satisfactory references. For more information on requirements, you can call the office anytime.

Does One Need To Get A Criminal Record Check Done?

You will need to go to the Regina Police Service. We will be able to provide you with information on the location of the police station as well as their hours of operation.

How Long Does It Take To Become A Mentor?

This depends on the time it takes for the application process to be completed. Contact us to learn more.

How Is A Little Picked For Me? Do I Have Any Say?

When matching you with a mentee, your caseworker carefully reviews your application, noting your stated preferences, activities you enjoy, your background, personality, where you live, and other information gathered during your interview. All of this information is carefully considered to make a suitable match between you and your mentee. Before introducing you to your mentee, your caseworker will call you to tell you about the child to make sure you are comfortable and to answer any questions you may have. You will have an opportunity to meet the child and hang out a few times, before the match is made official. You do have the option to say ‘no’ – we want everyone to be excited about a new match.

Need Help Making Your Decision?

How Do I Know If Mentoring Is Right For Me?

In addition to going over the information in this section, you may wish to contact us to get answers to other questions you may have.

I Am A Senior Citizen, Can I Volunteer?

Most definitely! We have no upper age limit for volunteering – just be prepared to get in touch with your inner child!

I Do Not Know Much About Children And Youth, Is That Okay?

Yes! It does not take much knowledge or experience to be a friend and positive role model, and your caseworker is always there to support you.

Do I Need To Have Access To A Car?

This depends on the program you are volunteering for. Having a vehicle may be necessary depending on your proximity to the mentee’s home/school. This is something you should discuss with your caseworker before being matched.

I Cannot Commit To One Year Or Once A Week. Can I Still Be A Volunteer?

Most likely, yes. We offer some programs with different commitment requirements. We will let you know if there is a program that might work for you. You may also want to start out by volunteering in another way, for example by helping us out with a fundraising event.

What If I Cannot See My Little For A Week Or Two Because I Am On Vacation, Or Away On A Business Trip?

Occasional absences are to be expected, whether for vacations, work responsibilities or illness. If you are going to miss an outing, discuss your plans with your caseworker, your mentee and his/her parent or guardian prior to your absence.

How Do I Know I’ll Get Along With The Child I Am Matched With?

Caseworkers interview you to find out your likes and dislikes and do the same with the children, so that we can match you according to your similar likes and interests.

I Do Not Know Very Much About Kids. Does That Matter?

No, as long as you are willing to learn, and you are patient and enthusiastic, you will be just fine with the child you are matched with. Also, your caseworker is always available for you to ask questions or to be a sounding board.

What About A Criminal Record?

We are required to do Criminal record checks on all volunteers dealing with children. Should you have a record, a caseworker would discuss this area with you as each situation is handled on its own merits and potentially may not impact your application.

What If Something Comes Up And I Cannot Meet With My Match One Week?

We know that life can get busy and sometimes circumstances will cause you to miss a week’s meeting. Just be sure to let your mentee and their parent know in advance and reschedule.

What If I Cannot Commit To The One Full Year Because I Am A University Student Who Leaves For The Summer To Work?

Being that Regina is a “university town” we have mentors who are concerned about this. If you are returning to Regina in the fall, we recommend that you inform your mentee and their family of your absence and stay in contact while you are away.