Nominations are now open! Nominate an unsung hero in our community for the Lawney Donaldson Community Builder Award today. Deadline: November 16 2022

Lawney Donaldson may not be a household name to you – unless you’re one of his six Little Brothers and their families. For more than forty years, Lawney was selflessly committed to helping children reach their potential by simply just being there for them. The impact of Lawney’s legacy is not best measured in dollars and cents, but rather in the strengthened social fabric of our community. Six young children transforming into confident, concerned, and motivated young men is a remarkable thing and our community is immeasurably better because of it. People like Lawney are the unsung heroes of our community. They do what they do for their community not because they have to, but because they can. This annual award will forever recognize an individual, or company that is equally committed to quietly building a better community for all of us.

2021 Lawney Donaldson Community Builder Award – Talitha McCloskey and Skylar Gerard 

Skylar Gerard and Talitha McCloskey, along with their mothers, Gwen Keith + Dr. Marlene Smadu, founded RaiseHER Community in the spring of 2019. RaiseHER Community is a for-impact movement where all profits are reinvested back into the business to enable continuous empowerment activities. The movement brings together people who are passionate about supporting other women to become leaders in our community. The mission of RaiseHER Community is to unleash the leadership potential of women through meaningful connections, professional growth opportunities and inspiring experiences.

A BIG thank you to Talitha and Skylar for their dedication to connecting, celebrating and serving our community.

2020 Lawney Donaldson Community Builder Award – Heidi Vogel

Heidi has been a Big Sister to Kia since 2016 and in that same year she facilitated her first Go Girls Group. Since then she has been the mentor for 13 Go Girls Groups and mentored 92 young people!! In 2019, Heidi became Elijah’s Big Sister too.

During the pandemic Heidi has shown us exactly why she is worthy of this award – not only did she find creative and meaningful ways to stay connected to Kia and Elijah, she facilitated our first ever Virtual Go Girls Group and our first Socially Distant Go Girls Group. Along with mentoring young people, she has also mentored new Go Girls mentors. What Heidi has to say about her time as a mentor: “My favorite part about being a mentor is the genuine connections I have made, the heartfelt conversations, and the great times we have together! Watching them grow, and being able to support them in any way I can is what keeps me committed. I absolutely cherish the kids I mentor and I feel very grateful to have them as a part of my life”.

Heidi is a selfless and giving individual and we are grateful for her everyday. Please join us in thanking Heidi for her long standing and meaningful contribution to the next generation.

2019 Lawney Donaldson Community Builder Award – Mo Bundon

Mo Bundon was presented with the 2019 Lawney Donaldson Community Builder Award at our 31st Annual Business Dinner. Mo is the type of person who is always willing to give, always there to help, and committed to creating a stronger future for our community. He does this, not because he wants to be recognized for it, but because he knows it’s the right thing to do. We greatly appreciate the work that Mo Bundon, and the people he influences around him, do for our community.

Please help us thank Mo for his commitment to our community.

2018 Lawney Donaldson Community Builder Award – Jason Drummond 

Jason Drummond was presented with the 2018 Lawney Donaldson Community Builder Award at our 30th Annual Business Dinner on Friday, October 12, 2018. Jason, a very successful entrepreneur and investor has a long standing history of philanthropy -both professionally and personally. He is has been committed to building both business and community right here in Regina.

One of the most inspiring parts of Lawney’s story is how pure it is – Lawney never did anything for recognition or to advance himself – he simply saw a need, found his passion, and made time to serve others. Jason is very similar in my view – he’s involved in so many community efforts, both giving of his time and expertise and also financially, and you’d really never know it unless you got to see it first hand. He is one of a group of people that work tirelessly behind the scenes to make this a better place to live – and we wanted to celebrate that” Jeffrey Boutilier, President & Chief Strategist of Ascent Strategy -sponsor of the Lawney Donaldson Community Builder Award.

You can also witness Jason’s community values in the businesses he has had a hand in building – from the Leo’s group to the Regina Pats, his business interests have made giving back to the community a major part of their culture.

Please help us thank Jason for his dedication to our community and congratulate him on being the inaugural recipient of this auspicious award.